Monday, May 31, 2010

kinda forgot I have a blog.

Nothing really is happening. I'm not very exciting. Since last blog I have have worked a bunch, attended Unity Day, turned 27, went to a River Cats Game and an A's game, Started going to the gym to not be such a pile, and now I am watching "Momento". Honestly, that's it.

Oh, and I have decided that I finally want a Descendents tattoo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lets cut that tree down.

Last Tuesday the entire Milosport Staff, minus Graham and Howard, went to Kirkwood to go make some turns together. The day was super fun. We did the signature chair 6 traverse. It was fun. Morning beers, Lunchtime shenanigans, even found a few patches of pow. Ben and Chris came and so Did Paul and Thomas from Sundance. The day was fun. For photo's check out Waffles' blog here.
The real action came after we headed back to George's family cabin. George's parents were heading up the next day and Geo and family used all the fire wood. This means we would be cutting down a tree. Obviously, this was gonna be good. To make it more interesting, the tree was next to the power lines which meant we had to make sure it would fall south.
Adam viewing the tree.

George climbing.
George doing some one handed chain saw action. 4/5ths of the way through the tree the rope dictating which way the tree would fall snapped. So we had to re-attach it while its swaying in the wind.

George decided to climb above the cut line to re-attach the rope. We all were a little stunned. Schfuck is a bad ass. Finally the thing fell and landed about 2 feet from my feet after I dove out of the way. What a way to cap off the Milo trip. Awesome.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My 27th Birthday with the Devils.

So for my 27th Birthday Party we will be going to see the Murder City Devils. They are playing on the 6th of May at the Great American Music Hall. A bunch of us are going, I can't fucking wait. Oh, and Aska, Justin, Cori and I are going to the second night also. Boo YEAH!

Once every few years

Once every few years the weather aligns up correctly and you get a perfect day of Snowboarding. Well, on March 4th 2010 we got one of those days. It had snowed 18 inches on the night of the 2nd. Kirkwood didn't open a bunch of the mountain on the 3rd due to snow and wind. On the 3rd they received another 14 inches. So on the 4th Aska, Paul and Alex from Sundance. and I headed up to try and catch first chair.
We got to the mountain at 8:30 and headed up chair 10 and dropped into Eagle Bowl. Nothing but pow slashes. From there we headed to chair 2 and lapped that twice while waiting for chair 4 to open. We decided to head down wait in line for chair 4. After 45 minutes and 2 Budweisers they finally started letting people on. We were about 10 chairs back and got insane fresh tracks right off the chair. It was 18 degrees, blue sky's, zero wind, and 36 inches of white stuff. So good.
After lapping chair 4 a few times Alex and I decided to hike to the top of the peak by Covered Wagon and Devils Draw. It took about 20 minutes of hiking a pretty steep pitch but it was all worth it. We dropped in and rode super fast into Fawn Ridge. Smiles all around.
We rode pow all day. Once we were done we hung out and had a beer with Coop then back down the hill to Giant Burger, which was amazing. Days like that don't happen too often. Thanks Kirkwood.

Monday, March 1, 2010


This video is awesome

Friday, February 26, 2010

2 fun days with NCP

Aska and I headed up to Tahoe for our weekly visit. We went to Homewood on Thursday which is one of my favorite places to snowboard. For some reason everyone overlooks it, and when I say I like to ride there people look at me like I'm crazy. They have super fun tree runs and the pow doesn't get tracked out as fast as everywhere else in Tahoe.
We met up with Waff Thursday morning and had a full day of slow chairs, small jumps with a lot of wu-tang, and even a hike. Quail Face is one of the most fun faces in Tahoe when the snow is right. It is only about a 150 yard hike, but there is a cat track to hike on. It's awesome.
Waffles and I also got into a wrestling match. Aska and he were keeping screts from me and it was pissing me off.
After snowboarding we hung out at Lance and Tim's and then went to Tahoe City and ate at Bridgetender. Their wings are fantastic!
Friday we woke up and went to Sugar Bowl to meet up with Wilmoth and Jason Tarr. After a bloody mary, we headed up Disney through the high winds and wet pellet-like snow. It was pretty tracked out, but when your snowboarding with the right people it is always fun.
We stopped around 2 and have a victory beer. It was a quick trip, but always fun. See you next week Tahoe.

Olympic Hockey

I'm hooked on the Olympics. I have been looking forward to the hockey for months, and they are not letting me down. I, along with most everybody else, didn't think the USA had a chance. However, our boys in stars and stripes are showing the rest of the world how we do things. When USA beat Canada in the preliminary match I lost my shit. It was amazing. 4 of my favorite San Jose Sharks are on team Canada. It is tough to root against them. America is doing what they do best, spoiling shit for other nations. Go USA!

SFO Whiteout Party Re-cap

A week has gone by since the SFO whiteout party at 111 Minna Gallery, so I now feel like I can write about it. Every year SFO has a few snowboard themed party's at this venue and they are always a good time.
Aska and I left our house after a few beers and a shot of whiskey, with little to zero food in our stomachs. Before going to the party we stopped at a little sports bar to have a few beers and watch some Olympic Hockey. By the time we got to the party we were feeling pretty loose.
The bar was serving $1 PBR's. Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate PBR. Whenever I drink it I get an awful hangover. However, everyone who knows me also knows I can't turn down $1 beers.
Nick and Lindsay met up with us and so did Adam and Erin. It was great fun for a few hours until things started to turn south. I started to feel that rumble in my stomach that only means one thing. Barf is in the near future. So Aska and I houdini'd our way out of there and caught one of the last BART trains home.
By the time we got to downtown Oakland I knew it was coming. I was really hoping to make it to Lafayette, but had no such luck. Approaching Rockridge it began to inch its way up. "Aska, we need to get off the train, NOW!"
Aska, being the amazing girl she is gets up out of a half sleep and grabs my hand. While waiting for the door to open it comes. I held it in my mouth (and sweatshirt), ran off the train to the closest trash can and let her rip. About half way through my violent outburst I look over and see that me throwing up made Aska get sick. It was amazing and embarrassing. Two drunk idiots barfing on the BART platform at the same time.
A $50 cab ride later and we were home. We have reached a new point in our relationship. The next day we did nothing except watch TV and movies. Thank you PBR, and fuck you for being so cheap.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do people really buy this crap?

Legendary "Dancing with the Stars" runner up Louie Vito has his own website with his own merch. Do people really buy this stuff? For a good laugh, check this stuff out. Snowboarding in the Olympics is stupid.... unless they had a slope style event.

3 days at kirkwood

Last Sunday through Tuesday Aska, Henry and I were at Kirkwood. We went for Paul and Mimi's wedding. Their wedding cakes were a series of birthday cakes for different guests.
It was pretty cool.

Aska and I got first chair on Tuesday and had some great pow runs. It was so good in the trees we decided it would be smart to wear helmets. So we did.
Rope tow. So good.

Oh, and we drank a whole lot of Maker's Mark.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Signs

The fist photo in this article is of protesters in SF and the second is of people making fun of the protesters. Just because you are holding a sign, doesn't mean people are going to listen.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday, January 31, 2010

One and Done..... 21 that is...

Went to dinner with the entire Riswold family last night for Ben's 21st birthday. I haven't spent much time with the rest of the family, but I'm glad I got a chance to. They are amazing.

As many of you know, Ben doesn't drink. About a month ago I offered Ben $20 to take a shot of whiskey and he was quick to say no. So when he said "come up, we're going to drink", I had a very easy time saying "yes".

Ben made it through a not so stiff rum and coke and half of a red bull vodka. He was feeling pretty loose. He also successfully lit a fart on fire.
...and about 15 minutes later barfed.




But he stayed awake and hung out like a champ. Then we woke up early and rode Sugar Bowl which was really fun. I got to ride next year's Indoor FK and Contact Pro's. Both were GREAT! Best binding out there and the new carbon lay-up in the FK is fantastic.

Also, saw this guy wearing a full Famous kit. I guess after his pants and jacket he didn't have enough to buy goggles or a beanie. That shit is bad for your eyes holmes!

It was a good 24 hours to say the least. Oh, and if you have the opportunity to pet Ben's 15 year old cat, I wouldn't recommend it. Poor thing.

Plus my car is acting up again. I hate that damn thing. Looks like it isn't going to be making more trips to the mountains anytime soon.

Friday, January 29, 2010


So I have had a hate/hate relationship with Northstar. You have to park a mile away; walk down a bunch of stairs, and have to deal with a bunch of bullshit hype. I have hated on that place for years. BUT, yesterday I went iding there with Ry, Josh, and good ol' Nick San Flip. I had a blast. We rode the entire mountain. Found some old pow that was ok (secret spot), had some fun in the park, and checked out the stash. As much as i hate to say, Northstar is doing it right. Great park, high speed lifts, and a lot of funny costumes. I know its cool to look like a 70's rocker, but not when you were born in 1986.
This is what I look like after a day of fun!

Don't bring ski's to Boot Camp.

So Swaety brought his tech rep to boot camp. He is a skier. It didn't go over very well.
The next day he went snowboarding.

Boot camp was fun. Got me meet a bunch of cool folks and see and ride some of the new 32 stuff. I must say the 32 guys know whats up. They make it real easy to buy from. There are only a few brands like that now days and they are at the top of the list with a few others. Big Sky is insane. If you have the opportunity, you should go.
This is Michael from Eternal's toiletries next to mine. He is more groomed than me. He is awesome.
Also, after 4 weeks in "Man-tana", the guys needed to see some boobies. So this was hanging on the front door for everyone in the community to see. Funny, but a little awkward when standing out front and someone walks by.
THANK YOU Wallis, Brad, and Cook! I had a blast!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So on September 15th-ish my car took a dump on me. My Dad and I went to an A's game which was awesome, then when I drop him off, my car won't start again. It sat in his driveway dripping oil for 4 days and nights.
First we thought it was the starter because it wouldn't start charged from cable's. George and i (mostly George) put in a new starter. We felt good about it. However, the moment of truth proceeded to blow mud. Nothin'.
At this point in time I was super broke because we just moved and I was running on empty. I thought it would be a genius idea to take it to the Acalanes High School body shop. I know the kids and they said they could fix it.
Today is January 7th and I finally get it back. Jordan walks in with the keys. At this point I am gleaming. I was "STOKED". He say to me, "Ok, so I need to show you a few things that are a little off". I say "ok".
We walk outside and I sit down it the car. Turn the key over.... wait a second it isn't starting. Jordan looked like he was gonna cry. I couldn't believe it! I know he got it running because it was in the fucking Milo parking lot.
George pops the hood and starts tinkering. That thing isn't moving... it's getting towed tomorrow.
Perry (kid fixing it #2 ) asks me over the computer "how is the car?"
I tell him what happened and he doesn't understand it.
Here is what he says:

everytime we were like "Q, what the fuck do we do!?"

hes like oh ok so first... put some fuckin dynamite in the thing and blow it... problem solved"

I hate my car.
And the Oakland A's resigned Jack Cust. I don't know which problem I am more bummed on. I will have my car back some day.