Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lets cut that tree down.

Last Tuesday the entire Milosport Staff, minus Graham and Howard, went to Kirkwood to go make some turns together. The day was super fun. We did the signature chair 6 traverse. It was fun. Morning beers, Lunchtime shenanigans, even found a few patches of pow. Ben and Chris came and so Did Paul and Thomas from Sundance. The day was fun. For photo's check out Waffles' blog here.
The real action came after we headed back to George's family cabin. George's parents were heading up the next day and Geo and family used all the fire wood. This means we would be cutting down a tree. Obviously, this was gonna be good. To make it more interesting, the tree was next to the power lines which meant we had to make sure it would fall south.
Adam viewing the tree.

George climbing.
George doing some one handed chain saw action. 4/5ths of the way through the tree the rope dictating which way the tree would fall snapped. So we had to re-attach it while its swaying in the wind.

George decided to climb above the cut line to re-attach the rope. We all were a little stunned. Schfuck is a bad ass. Finally the thing fell and landed about 2 feet from my feet after I dove out of the way. What a way to cap off the Milo trip. Awesome.

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