Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy RFTC Day

Halloween will always mark the end of a 15 year era of pure bliss. So tonight when you are drinking your beers, raise your glass for the best rock band to ever take the stage. Rocket from the Crypt, thank you! Long Live the Dead!

On the Player:
RFTC - "Paint as a Fragrance"
RFTC - "All Systems GO"
RFTC - "Group Sounds"
RFTC - "All Systems GO 2"
RFTC - "Scream Dracula Scream"

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, where did it go?

Justin and I decided we were going to celebrate his birthday on Sunday at the Round Up. We would drink beer and watch football for a few hours, no big deal. Well, we here both hungover so we were 3 hours late getting to the bar which is probably a good thing. We ended up getting there at 1pm. I started out with a Bloody Mary (Blaine's Bloody Mary's are amazing), then went to a bud draft, followed by a Patron Shot (thanks Dan), 5 or 6 more Budweisers, then a Glenlivet on the rocks. Being at the Round Up for 5 hours on a Sunday is fun. Halfway through the day Nick and Lindsay met up with us and had some drinks as well. We ended the day at our house eating Zachary's Pizza and watching the Yankees beat the Angels with Nick and Linz. So fun. Check out all the varieties of glasses at our table. It was awesome.

Party Time

Adam had a keg party at His and Erin's house in SF on Saturday night. It was awesome. There was a 1/4 barrel of Trumer Pilsner and a 1/4 barrel of Budweiser. The beer made everyone drunk. I even saw JP drinking a beer. It was great to see so many awesome people in 1 place. However, the highlight may be seeing Keith nursing his hangover and instead of drinking 100 beers like usual, he was caught reading a Twilight book on the couch. The 2nd highlight was listening to the floppy hands song over and over. I need to remember who's song it is so I can buy it. It is a party favorite.

Friday, October 23, 2009

She said yes...then went for the bottle.

While celebrating in Napa on Wednesday, I decided it was a good time to ask Aska to be my wife. There isn't any way of doing it that is not awkward. I'm not going to get into specifics. But I will say we had an awesome day, a bird shit on my leg, and a fly flew into my glass as I was reaching into my pocket for the ring.

She Said YES....then reached for the bottle.

I have never been more happy than I am right now. I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world. Thanks Aska.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sick Day 2

Woke up yesterday feeling worse than the day before. I had a bad head ache, achy body, cough, and a fever. Called in to work sick (3rd time in 9 years). Laid on the couch all day and watched 3:10 to Yuma, Californication, Curb, What About Bob?, The Dark Knight, and Game 4 of the ALCS. I also drank 7 or 8 cups of tea, 2 airborns, and 3/4 carton of OJ with calcium.

The awesome part of the day came towards the end when I got a visit from Waffles and Wilmoth. They only stayed for a second or two. But Wilmoth did give me these bad boys.
Went to bed at about 9 o'clock. Woke up feeling better than I have in 3 days. Excited for today. Aska and I are going to Napa to celebrate us being together for 2 years. How time flies when your having fun.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sick at Home

It's mt scheduled day off, and I'm sick. However its a good day to be sick; its rainy and there is Baseball playoffs, Sharks, and Monday night football on. So at least I'm taken care of there. Also, Aska got me a bunch of soup. She rules!

For those of you that think I get drunk, check out this guy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Day After

The hour long ride home from Sacramento seemed like it took 12 hours. It has never taken that long to drive through Dixon before. Luckily we had breakfast with the Wilmoths, so at least we had something in our stomachs to start soaking up the alcohol.

When I finally got to work I new i was going to be a pile all day. Everything was confusing. What may have been most confusing was the fact that we received a big box of promo beef jerkey sticks from Matador. WTF?

My day definitely got better when my box from Dan Mac got here. New Bond Pants plus some extra goodies. Thanks DAN! So down to support the Bond program.
On the Player:
The Doors - "LA Woman"
Air - "Moon Safari"
Album Leaf - "In a Safe Place"
TSOL - "Come Dance With Me"

Ground Zero Premiere

Thursday night was the Ground Zero Premiere in Sacramento. Aska and I were on the fence about coming; we're tired from work and school. We decided to stop being wussies and drive the hour through traffic to Sac.

The premiere started at 7, and we arrived right on time. Skipping to the front of the line at these events is part of the fun. Once we were inside the beer started flowing. This event is fun because all of our favorite people were there. I wouldn't say we actually watched the video's, and I am not sure anyone did. I think those events are all about the schmoozing.

On each side of the event there was cools bars. Once the place cleared out we went to some other bar that served fried chicken and friend macaroni. It was a 5 thousand calorie night. This joint also had $2 pints of Olympia. This place would be my hangout if I lived in Sac. I don't really remember leaving there, but here are some photo's from the night.
- Waffles hucking ice into the crowd during product toss
- Tequila shots
- Fried Mac n' cheese
- Seeing Jim at Motel 6 the next morning

Friday, October 16, 2009

Stepchild / Airblaster / 32 Clinic

Wednesday night we had our Wallis' brands clinic here at the shop. Wouldn't sat I learned very much. But I did eat some pizza and drink some beers! Will, the Stepchild sales manager, and Jonas from Airblaster came too.

When I asked Wallis when are we going to start talking about boards he said, "Oh, you actually want a clinic? i thought we were just going to drink beer." Needless to say, we had a lot of fun shmoozing about the state of the industry.

- Janet tearing the shit out of try-on socks
- George talking to Jonas about shop-a-tron
- Jonas mentioning the "George Fund" as an extra discount for cool stores
- Will being unsure about some of the Stepchild boards
- George staying till late drinking beers

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun night at the Tattoo Parlor

After a really long day off of doing absolutely nothing, I got to go to my friends tattoo shop to get a new tattoo. Final Sin is in Pleasant Hell as they call it. Chad is the owner whom I have known for about 8 years. He got back into tattooing about 3 years ago and still needs tattoo's for his portfolio so we did it after hours and off the clock.

I got there at about 8:30 and was stoked to look above the door and see a Milo sticker. The reason it brought a smile to my face is because it is next door to the very respectable skate shop Metro. For some reason Metro kids don't want to like Milo even though we are both small stores who love what we do. Whatever.

So Chad took a while to draw up what I wanted; he went through 4 drawing of it. He isn't used to doing traditional shading, so this was a good learning experience for him. We got started at about 10:15 and by Midnight we were done. Anyone who knows me knows I am a baseball fanatic, so this one fit's me well. Thanks a bunch Chad!
After we got home Aska and I had a scotch on the rocks and watched the last 3 episodes of Weeds on On Demand. A boring day off turned out OK. Thanks Aska for being the most awesome girl ever. Drinking Scotch till 2am on a Tuesday, man I'm Lucky!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So pumped on today. I'm without a car, it's my 1 day off, and it's pouring. Good timing. Plus, Sugarbowl is getting dumped on!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy day at the office.

So my car has been broken for a little over 2 weeks now. It's getting a little frustrating because it is getting colder and it is supposed to start raining heavily today or tomorrow. I decided against riding my bike to BART in fear of the potential rain, so Aska was nice enough to give me a ride to BART before she went to school.

I got to work 5 minutes early. My work day started off pretty good because I sold some boots and Adam sold a jacket. So we were feeling good. 30 minutes into work the UPS driver walks in and says, "We got a lot for you today". I knew we were getting all of our 32 boots. Luckily the coffee was still in effect. We busted through all 39 boxes within an hour which was awesome.

Few hours went by and the coffee wore off. Today is my Friday and it feels like it. I'm beat. Around 4pm we got an awesome surprise. In comes Big Jim for a surprise stop by. He gave us an awesome Ride trucker hat that I actually like (Most regular giveaway kinda sucks), and he brought me my 5th cup of coffee! Also did a Comune re-order over facebook chat, I think I have reached a new low.

All in all today was pretty awesome. Sold some krew stuff that we got today as well as a Bond jacket and some new 32 boots that we also got in today. Plus we didn't have any crazy or obnoxious customer encounters. 34 more minutes of work. Good shit.

Hopefully getting tattoo'd tomorrow which will be awesome. It's also supposed to pour rain, so that is awesome too.


Today on the player:
Black Heart Procession - "Six"
Bob Dylan - "Together Through Life"
Chuck Prophet - "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams"
Tom Waits - "Swordfish Trombones"

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is my Online journal. I am a journalist.

I am starting an online journal to show Waffles (who is one of my best friends) what substance is. Right now i don't have any.

However, in the next few days / weeks / months / years, I plan on writing my encounters as a Snowboard shop employee, significant other, friend, and over all dumb-ass.

If anyone encounters this by chance, I hope you enjoy.