Friday, February 26, 2010

2 fun days with NCP

Aska and I headed up to Tahoe for our weekly visit. We went to Homewood on Thursday which is one of my favorite places to snowboard. For some reason everyone overlooks it, and when I say I like to ride there people look at me like I'm crazy. They have super fun tree runs and the pow doesn't get tracked out as fast as everywhere else in Tahoe.
We met up with Waff Thursday morning and had a full day of slow chairs, small jumps with a lot of wu-tang, and even a hike. Quail Face is one of the most fun faces in Tahoe when the snow is right. It is only about a 150 yard hike, but there is a cat track to hike on. It's awesome.
Waffles and I also got into a wrestling match. Aska and he were keeping screts from me and it was pissing me off.
After snowboarding we hung out at Lance and Tim's and then went to Tahoe City and ate at Bridgetender. Their wings are fantastic!
Friday we woke up and went to Sugar Bowl to meet up with Wilmoth and Jason Tarr. After a bloody mary, we headed up Disney through the high winds and wet pellet-like snow. It was pretty tracked out, but when your snowboarding with the right people it is always fun.
We stopped around 2 and have a victory beer. It was a quick trip, but always fun. See you next week Tahoe.

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