Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Once every few years

Once every few years the weather aligns up correctly and you get a perfect day of Snowboarding. Well, on March 4th 2010 we got one of those days. It had snowed 18 inches on the night of the 2nd. Kirkwood didn't open a bunch of the mountain on the 3rd due to snow and wind. On the 3rd they received another 14 inches. So on the 4th Aska, Paul and Alex from Sundance. and I headed up to try and catch first chair.
We got to the mountain at 8:30 and headed up chair 10 and dropped into Eagle Bowl. Nothing but pow slashes. From there we headed to chair 2 and lapped that twice while waiting for chair 4 to open. We decided to head down wait in line for chair 4. After 45 minutes and 2 Budweisers they finally started letting people on. We were about 10 chairs back and got insane fresh tracks right off the chair. It was 18 degrees, blue sky's, zero wind, and 36 inches of white stuff. So good.
After lapping chair 4 a few times Alex and I decided to hike to the top of the peak by Covered Wagon and Devils Draw. It took about 20 minutes of hiking a pretty steep pitch but it was all worth it. We dropped in and rode super fast into Fawn Ridge. Smiles all around.
We rode pow all day. Once we were done we hung out and had a beer with Coop then back down the hill to Giant Burger, which was amazing. Days like that don't happen too often. Thanks Kirkwood.

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