Thursday, January 7, 2010


So on September 15th-ish my car took a dump on me. My Dad and I went to an A's game which was awesome, then when I drop him off, my car won't start again. It sat in his driveway dripping oil for 4 days and nights.
First we thought it was the starter because it wouldn't start charged from cable's. George and i (mostly George) put in a new starter. We felt good about it. However, the moment of truth proceeded to blow mud. Nothin'.
At this point in time I was super broke because we just moved and I was running on empty. I thought it would be a genius idea to take it to the Acalanes High School body shop. I know the kids and they said they could fix it.
Today is January 7th and I finally get it back. Jordan walks in with the keys. At this point I am gleaming. I was "STOKED". He say to me, "Ok, so I need to show you a few things that are a little off". I say "ok".
We walk outside and I sit down it the car. Turn the key over.... wait a second it isn't starting. Jordan looked like he was gonna cry. I couldn't believe it! I know he got it running because it was in the fucking Milo parking lot.
George pops the hood and starts tinkering. That thing isn't moving... it's getting towed tomorrow.
Perry (kid fixing it #2 ) asks me over the computer "how is the car?"
I tell him what happened and he doesn't understand it.
Here is what he says:

everytime we were like "Q, what the fuck do we do!?"

hes like oh ok so first... put some fuckin dynamite in the thing and blow it... problem solved"

I hate my car.
And the Oakland A's resigned Jack Cust. I don't know which problem I am more bummed on. I will have my car back some day.

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