Friday, February 26, 2010

SFO Whiteout Party Re-cap

A week has gone by since the SFO whiteout party at 111 Minna Gallery, so I now feel like I can write about it. Every year SFO has a few snowboard themed party's at this venue and they are always a good time.
Aska and I left our house after a few beers and a shot of whiskey, with little to zero food in our stomachs. Before going to the party we stopped at a little sports bar to have a few beers and watch some Olympic Hockey. By the time we got to the party we were feeling pretty loose.
The bar was serving $1 PBR's. Anyone who knows me well knows that I hate PBR. Whenever I drink it I get an awful hangover. However, everyone who knows me also knows I can't turn down $1 beers.
Nick and Lindsay met up with us and so did Adam and Erin. It was great fun for a few hours until things started to turn south. I started to feel that rumble in my stomach that only means one thing. Barf is in the near future. So Aska and I houdini'd our way out of there and caught one of the last BART trains home.
By the time we got to downtown Oakland I knew it was coming. I was really hoping to make it to Lafayette, but had no such luck. Approaching Rockridge it began to inch its way up. "Aska, we need to get off the train, NOW!"
Aska, being the amazing girl she is gets up out of a half sleep and grabs my hand. While waiting for the door to open it comes. I held it in my mouth (and sweatshirt), ran off the train to the closest trash can and let her rip. About half way through my violent outburst I look over and see that me throwing up made Aska get sick. It was amazing and embarrassing. Two drunk idiots barfing on the BART platform at the same time.
A $50 cab ride later and we were home. We have reached a new point in our relationship. The next day we did nothing except watch TV and movies. Thank you PBR, and fuck you for being so cheap.

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