Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunday, where did it go?

Justin and I decided we were going to celebrate his birthday on Sunday at the Round Up. We would drink beer and watch football for a few hours, no big deal. Well, we here both hungover so we were 3 hours late getting to the bar which is probably a good thing. We ended up getting there at 1pm. I started out with a Bloody Mary (Blaine's Bloody Mary's are amazing), then went to a bud draft, followed by a Patron Shot (thanks Dan), 5 or 6 more Budweisers, then a Glenlivet on the rocks. Being at the Round Up for 5 hours on a Sunday is fun. Halfway through the day Nick and Lindsay met up with us and had some drinks as well. We ended the day at our house eating Zachary's Pizza and watching the Yankees beat the Angels with Nick and Linz. So fun. Check out all the varieties of glasses at our table. It was awesome.

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