Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy day at the office.

So my car has been broken for a little over 2 weeks now. It's getting a little frustrating because it is getting colder and it is supposed to start raining heavily today or tomorrow. I decided against riding my bike to BART in fear of the potential rain, so Aska was nice enough to give me a ride to BART before she went to school.

I got to work 5 minutes early. My work day started off pretty good because I sold some boots and Adam sold a jacket. So we were feeling good. 30 minutes into work the UPS driver walks in and says, "We got a lot for you today". I knew we were getting all of our 32 boots. Luckily the coffee was still in effect. We busted through all 39 boxes within an hour which was awesome.

Few hours went by and the coffee wore off. Today is my Friday and it feels like it. I'm beat. Around 4pm we got an awesome surprise. In comes Big Jim for a surprise stop by. He gave us an awesome Ride trucker hat that I actually like (Most regular giveaway kinda sucks), and he brought me my 5th cup of coffee! Also did a Comune re-order over facebook chat, I think I have reached a new low.

All in all today was pretty awesome. Sold some krew stuff that we got today as well as a Bond jacket and some new 32 boots that we also got in today. Plus we didn't have any crazy or obnoxious customer encounters. 34 more minutes of work. Good shit.

Hopefully getting tattoo'd tomorrow which will be awesome. It's also supposed to pour rain, so that is awesome too.


Today on the player:
Black Heart Procession - "Six"
Bob Dylan - "Together Through Life"
Chuck Prophet - "Dreaming Waylon's Dreams"
Tom Waits - "Swordfish Trombones"

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