Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ground Zero Premiere

Thursday night was the Ground Zero Premiere in Sacramento. Aska and I were on the fence about coming; we're tired from work and school. We decided to stop being wussies and drive the hour through traffic to Sac.

The premiere started at 7, and we arrived right on time. Skipping to the front of the line at these events is part of the fun. Once we were inside the beer started flowing. This event is fun because all of our favorite people were there. I wouldn't say we actually watched the video's, and I am not sure anyone did. I think those events are all about the schmoozing.

On each side of the event there was cools bars. Once the place cleared out we went to some other bar that served fried chicken and friend macaroni. It was a 5 thousand calorie night. This joint also had $2 pints of Olympia. This place would be my hangout if I lived in Sac. I don't really remember leaving there, but here are some photo's from the night.
- Waffles hucking ice into the crowd during product toss
- Tequila shots
- Fried Mac n' cheese
- Seeing Jim at Motel 6 the next morning

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