Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Day After

The hour long ride home from Sacramento seemed like it took 12 hours. It has never taken that long to drive through Dixon before. Luckily we had breakfast with the Wilmoths, so at least we had something in our stomachs to start soaking up the alcohol.

When I finally got to work I new i was going to be a pile all day. Everything was confusing. What may have been most confusing was the fact that we received a big box of promo beef jerkey sticks from Matador. WTF?

My day definitely got better when my box from Dan Mac got here. New Bond Pants plus some extra goodies. Thanks DAN! So down to support the Bond program.
On the Player:
The Doors - "LA Woman"
Air - "Moon Safari"
Album Leaf - "In a Safe Place"
TSOL - "Come Dance With Me"

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