Saturday, December 26, 2009

NCP Christmas

Last Monday We went to Buca de Bepo for the NCP Christmas dinner. We ate good food, drank a bunch of wine then beer, had an amazing white elephant gift exchange, and then went shredding the next day. I received a 1984 Olympic Budweiser Beer growler; it's amazing.

The following day we went to Sugar Bowl for some pillows. Eric met up with us and the group killed it. Pow runs, rock drops, few park runs, and Eric spraying strangers like crazy. One guy even asked for an apology.

It was much needed time off from work, went back feeling refreshed!
Waff got an electric fly swatter. Don't let it fool you, it packs a punch!
Waff and I at the top of Lincoln.
No wonder I felt like shit the next morning...

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