Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Opening weekend at Kirkwood

Last Sunday we went up to Kirkwood for day 3 of their opening weekend. It was Aska, Paul, Mimi, Thomas and Myself. When we got there we realized that it was very windy. Kirkwood gets that way from time to time.

When we got there we went straight to the bar to warm up before hitting the slopes. I had a Coors and a shot of Makers Mark. Everyone else besides Thomas had a Bloody Mary; Thomas has a big green doobie.

Once we got on the chair it kept stopping because of the wind. I was surpised it wasn't on wind hold all together. We took a few more laps and then went back to the bar because the wind got worse. It was one of those days that you get there and want to turn right back around. 14 degrees and gusts that can literally blow you over.

After we were done we left quickly to avoid the bulk of the storm. We saw accident after accident on the way home. We were stopped for about 30 minutes on 88 due to idiot drivers not carrying chains and sliding down the hill after slamming on their brakes. The highlight of the trip came when Thomas got back into the car after smoking doobie #3 and stated that he lit his mustache on fire trying to light his roach with matches in the wind. It was great. All in all it was a fun trip in shitty conditions.

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