Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sunday the 1st - Wednesday the 4th

The wake up process on the 1st of November is never good. Headache, dehydration, confusion, and the awful taste in the mouth from being too drunk to brush your teeth before passing out. Yep, it was a normal November 1st.
Aska and I sat on the couch all day and didn't do much of anything till about 5pm. My Mom came to pick us up to go get Aska's car that was still parked at Milo from the night before. During this process we got a call from Ben (Waffles) and he told us he was coming down for a night or 2. He got into Town around 9 and we watched some Curb and just hungout.
Monday morning we went to Milo to get paychecks and meet up with Drew. We went to the skatepark for a while which was awesome because I haven't been to a skatepark in about 10 years. Now I want to go a lot more.
After a quick trip picking up Aska from school we went to catch BART to take us to Zachary's for dinner. It was Ben's first BART trip, and he was way too excited for it. The highlight of the night was meeting up with Big Jim at Best Buy. He was 3/4 drunk and buying a new lap top. The Best Buy employees took forever to help him, even though he was raising his hand. Luckily I have a Milo customer whom I know that works there. His name is Patrick and he is pretty helpful with electronics. He cuts the bullshit out of a sales pitch and just tells us what to buy. It makes in much easier. So after an hour Jim has a new computer. To celebrate we went to the liqueur store and bought a Heineken mini keg. We drank it and watched Devil's Rejects. It was an eventful day off.
The next day our good friend Paul came out from Stockton. Paul, Ben and I skated all over town. We went to the thrift shop and got audio cassette tapes. Both Paul's and Aska's cars have cassette decks, so we decided that we are going to listen to tapes on our way to the hill this season. From there we went to Rite Aid and finally to Wing Stop. Between the 3 of us we ate around 40 wings. Damn they were good.
A few hours later Aska came home from showing her Mom St. Mary's, she has been swamped with homework, so Ben and I made her dinner so she could focus on doing what she needed to get done. Ben and I watched Back to the Future 2, Kindergarten Cop, and 3:10 to Yuma.
The Next morning we woke up early and went to breakfast with Aska's mom and my mom. It was pretty fun. Then back to work to start regular days al over again. It was an eventful 3 days. Lots of visitors, eating, skating, movie watching, and some beer drinking too.

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