Monday, November 16, 2009

Sundance Rail Jam

For the last 2 years I have been attending Sundance's rail jam in Stockton. In my opinion this is one of the most fun events of the year outside of physically snowboarding. This year was no different.
Aska and I went to Stockton a day early to get some hang out time Paul and Mimi. We had a fun night of drinking wine and watch Mimi trim there dog Yuki's unmentionables. Yep, someones got to do it.
The day of the rail jam kicked off with a great bacon and bagel breakfast. A good breakfast is important on any day where there is going to be mid-day to late night drinking. After breakfast we went to Sundance where I helped the crew shovel snow and set up features.
Once everything was set up, it was time to get this event going. There were 3 heats of 25 skiers and snowboards (really, there was 2 of 25 and 1 of about 40). Judging a contest without any numbered bibs is very hard. Half the time the announcer didn't say what number was going, so Chris, Trey, and I had no clue who was going. This year we were set up on top of a huge Oakley RV, which was also where the party was. That didn't help too much either. Anyhow, I feel like we judged accurately despite having to write on blank paper with beer spilled on it and the inside of ripper 12pack cardboard. Next year I will make sure we have a spread sheet and numbered bibs.
The after party ended up being pretty funny. We had a bunch of free drink tokens. Aska drank some of the worst Vodka Cran's ever; more like Popov and Cran Syrup. The real highlight involved Trey, Thomas, Travis Kennedy and myself in the back ally with 3 doobs. I usually wouldn't go that far with that, but when in rome. TK kept free rhyming and it was hillarious. I don't think the rest of us really got it. He comes from a different breed, but was a pretty nice dude.
All in all, it was a great event and we had a great time.

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